Mental Health America

A court mandated program designed to assist both parent and child in understanding the impact that divorce has on children and the role of parents in developing and maintaining healthy relationships, while trying to offset the potential impact that divorce can have on all family members.



Provides help in obtaining medications and counseling for individuals suffering from mental illness who have no health insurance. We offer assistance in finding resources for those in need of counseling and who need to purchase prescribed medications in emergency situations.

Designed to help raise the self-esteem of school aged children in need by purchasing new clothing for school and play. Children are identified and referred to MHAPC by school counselors and other agencies.

An established program presented through a partnership with MHAPC, High School and Area 30 volunteers and area school counselors. The programs are presented to students from pre-school through sixth grade  in Putnam County.  The focus of these presentations is to help Children make better and more informed decisions about serious issues they may encounter.

Designed to inform the community of important mental health issues. This is achieved through our formal Education Series programs provided several times during the year, The Bell, MHAPC’s newsletter, and articles in The Banner Graphic. We also respond to all phone calls to our office from individuals who are seeking information on mental illness or who need referrals to  mental health service providers locally, and outside of the community.